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We take a more diligent approach to all private, public and government projects we manage.

We offer a range of services covering every aspect of any project.

General & Complete Project Management Services
Furniture, Fittings & Equipment Services
Tenancy Coordination Services

This begins with ensuring the right fit with the right client to deliver the project in the right way. We look for synergy between the strengths of a client and our skills and expertise.

We don’t take on projects just to boost turnover. We only take on projects where we can create, manage and deliver significant value.

Our dynamic team based approach avoids cumbersome, bureaucratic management. Our emphasis is on completing quality projects on time and to budget. Being more diligent means we avoid delays and resolve issues before they become problems.

Projects are reviewed through daily meetings. Continuous improvements are made as necessary to resource allocations, contracts, processes, procedures and equipment. Our services cover every aspect of every project.

Our expertise is wide ranging with successfully managed projects across various sectors including retail, commercial, hospitality, health care, industrial, educational, institutional, special use and residential.

General & Complete Project Management Services

We offer an extensive and fully integrated range of services to ensure a more successful outcome on any project for each of our clients.

We can advise, recommend, brief, prepare, coordinate, manage and assess every element of every project.

This is an overview of the General & Complete Project Management Services we offer.

  • Risk Management
  • Value Management
  • Project Briefs
  • Retail Tenancy Guidelines
  • Consultant Briefs and Scope of Work
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Master Planning
  • Design and Documentation
  • Project Delivery and Methodologies
  • Quality Control
  • Design Management
  • Cost Planning and Control
  • Preparation of Request for Tender, Tender Management and Tender Assessment
  • Consultant Assessment
  • Furniture, Fittings and Equipment
  • Authority Negotiations and Approvals
  • Consultant Coordination
  • User Group and Stakeholder Management
  • Dilapidation Reporting
  • Project and Construction Reporting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Superintendency
  • Contract Administration
  • Completion and Commissioning
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Tenancy Coordination


Furniture, Fittings & Equipment Services

We take a more diligent approach to planning, procuring, installing and testing Furniture, Fittings & Equipment across a wide range of projects.

Working closely with clients and their architectural and design teams ensures outcomes are met without disappointment.

Budgets, schedules and fit for use issues are top of mind. As are aesthetics, quality, comfort, durability and environmental issues.

We don’t settle for default options or the latest trends. We find many firms don’t investigate enough options when seeking better alternatives. We always think there’s a better way. This approach saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on a project. It also saves lengthy lead times.

Our offices and venues are fully operational the day people move in. This means clients don’t have to lose money and productivity waiting for everything to work.

We are focused on making certain every element is fit for purpose. We don’t overlook small details like whether a fabric is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Whether a stackable chair is practically stackable or too heavy. Whether tables and desks are painless to move. Whether the correct warranties are in place.

We see the job through. We take more care so clients actually get what they want.

Here is a small selection of successful projects where we have been responsible for integrated Furniture, Fittings & Equipment Services.

  • Commercial – Melbourne – Melbourne Convention Centre
  • Health – Parkville – Florey Neuroscience Institute
  • Health – Heidelberg – Florey Neuroscience Institute (Austin Hospital)
  • Commercial – Docklands – Penguin Pearson Group Australia
  • Commercial – Docklands – Places Victoria (formerly VicUrban)
  • Retail – Docklands – James Squire Brewhouse
  • Commercial – Torquay – Peppers The Sands Resort
  • Commercial – Bendigo – B-Central
  • Commercial – Lorne – Cumberland Lorne Resort
  • Retail – Docklands – NewQuay
  • Commercial – Melbourne – Commonwealth Games


Tenancy Coordination Services

We take a more diligent approach to the management, approval, fitout and commissioning of retail tenancies for new, refurbished or extended retail projects.

We provide all-inclusive tenancy coordination services to property owners, developers and retailers. Our dedicated approach ensures assets are maximised for increased returns.

Clients enjoy significant savings and reduced overhead costs because we take care of every detail, every email, every phone call.

Here is a small selection of major projects where we have been responsible for comprehensive Tenancy Coordination Services.

  • Retail – Lilydale – Lilydale Marketplace (Refurbishment/Extension)
  • Retail – Pakenham – Central Marketplace Shopping Centre
  • Retail – Highett – Highett Shopping Centre
  • Retail – Tarneit – Tarneit West Village
  • Retail – Mill Park – Coles Centre
  • Retail – Warrnambool – Gateway Plaza
  • Retail – Melbourne – 357 Collins Street
  • Retail – Melbourne – Melbourne GPO
  • Retail – Mentone – Thrift Park Shopping Centre
  • Retail – Melbourne – CBW Corner Bourke & William
  • Retail – Bundoora – Brand Junction & University Hill
  • Retail – Forest Hill – Forest Hill Chase
  • Retail – Keysborough – Parkmore Shopping Centre
  • Retail – Docklands – Waterfront City
  • Retail – National – Zuba Juice
  • Retail – Ocean Grove – Ocean Grove Marketplace
  • Retail – Docklands – NewQuay
  • Retail – Melbourne – Federation Square
  • Retail – Brunswick – Barkly Square Shopping Centre
  • Retail – Docklands – Various Restaurants and Bars
  • Commercial – Docklands – Stadium Corporate Boxes
  • Retail – Bendigo – Lansell Plaza Shopping Centre
  • Retail – St Kilda – Acland Court
  • Retail – Lilydale – Lilydale Marketplace (Original)