Parkville – Florey Neuroscience Institute


Florey Neuroscience Institute at the University of Melbourne is the largest brain research centre in Australia.

The $161m neuroscience facility provides for world class scientific medical research into brain and mind disorders. The ten-storey contemporary collaborative work space accommodates more than 500 researchers in both wet and dry labs, PC2 and PC3 labs, clinical suites, animal facilities, education centre, 200 seat theatre, bookstore and cafe.

Research scientists are brought together into one building with the necessary critical mass and intensity to achieve outstanding outcomes. The design supports the science, creating an environment not separated by organisational or disciplinary structure.







The facility is a departure from traditional tight labs which skimped on space to save money on energy costs. Instead it features a number of energy efficient initiatives which allows for more open and collaborative spaces. It maximises the ability to share ideas and resources, and maintains ultimate flexibility to accommodate changing research demands.

The building is one of the first and largest research facilities in Australia to gain a full 5 Star Green Star environmental design rating, and makes strong use of natural light and interconnected bridges to facilitate greater interaction.

Basso Project Management carried out procurement of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment including management of design of workstations and all FF&E.

“Functional, aesthetic, ergonomic, legislative and cost requirements all had to be weighed up against the design program. We undertook a tremendous amount of research and comparison to deliver a better end result.” Elia Basso, Director, Basso Project Management


  • University of Melbourne
  • Florey Neuroscience Institute
  • Mental Health Research Institute


  • Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Procurement Services


  • Multiple stakeholders
  • General Occupational Health and Safety
  • Academic Occupational Health and Safety
  • Medical Occupational Health and Safety