Heidelberg – Florey Neuroscience Institute


Florey Neuroscience Institute on the campus of the Austin Hospital is part of the largest brain research group in Australia.

This three level office and research facility conducts basic and clinical research into developing ways to prevent, treat and potentially cure brain disorders.

Scientists use this facility to perform world-leading clinical neuroscience research and technological development. Other neuroscience research groups work in conjunction with experienced MRI development scientists to apply new techniques to clinical areas such as epilepsy, stroke, brain trauma and mental health.





Every detail was intended to encourage the productive exchange of ideas between researchers from different disciplines.

On each floor of the four-storey building, the potential for effective workflow has been optimised with expansive open-plan office and laboratories which maximises space and workability. The internal fit-out of the offices, meeting rooms and public spaces create a strong sense of visual continuity and connectivity.
Basso Project Management provided Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Procurement Services.

“Every element was selected to comply with the highest environmental standards as well as meeting functional, aesthetic, ergonomic, legislative and cost requirements as part of the design program. We’re very proud to have played a key role in this state-of-the-art research facility.” Elia Basso, Director, Basso Project Management


  • University of Melbourne
  • Florey Neuroscience Institute
  • Mental Health Research Institute


  • Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Procurement Services


  • Multiple stakeholders
  • General Occupational Health and Safety
  • Academic Occupational Health and Safety
  • Medical Occupational Health and Safety